At Rowena, we believe that science should stimulate children’s natural curiosity. We provide first-hand experiences for pupils to explore, question, investigate and explain. Throughout school, we encourage pupils to ask questions and to answer these questions through hands-on enquiry. We develop pupils’ oracy skills through discussion and embed scientific vocabulary is that pupils to communicate their learning.

In the Foundation Stage, Understanding the World is present in all areas of learning. There are indoor and outdoor opportunities for independent exploration throughout all topics. We deliver Science as an intrinsic part of the curriculum. We embrace opportunities provided by the natural world and use these to give children a wealth of first-hand, practical experiences. These support them to achieve the EYFS objectives for Understanding the World.

In Key Stage 1, first-hand enquiry continues to be at the heart of the science curriculum. Key scientific processes and skills are fundamental aspects of our science lessons. We have created a set of four key principles. These are:

· Questioning

· Observing

· Investigating

· Explaining

These key skills help encourage children’s natural curiosity.

We link science to our topics and provide cross-curricular opportunities wherever possible. These include out of school visits or visitors in school. We differentiate lessons to offer support and challenge according to individual needs.

We aim to provide children with the scientific skills and understanding they need to move on to the next stage of their science education. We intend that these secure foundations will equip them for their future lives.