At Rowena Academy, we are committed to encouraging, inspiring and motivating all learners to reach their utmost potential. Our ethos of ‘hand in hand, together we can’ is embedded across our curriculum and every area of learning. We believe that every child should have full access to the Art provision as outlined in the National Curriculum regardless of age, gender or ability. We acknowledge and understand that all pupils are entitled to a broad and balanced Art and Design education. We provide a structured and clearly progressive approach, which engages, inspires, motivates and challenges every child. All children are provided with a range of experiences that allows them to develop their knowledge, experiment with their skills, invent, and create their individual art, craft and design pieces. All the knowledge and skills pupils acquire builds on their previous learning and allows them to transfer key skills, knowledge and concepts to their long-term memories.

In Nursery children begin their exciting journey in exploring art and their unique creativity. They discover what happens when they mix different colours and textures together.  In Reception, pupils progress to use different medias to represent their ideas and feelings. They also begin to use a range of techniques and tools to explore colour, patterns and textures.

In EYFS, pupils are encouraged to create artwork freely through everyday provision activities, this being in addition to focussed art lessons. Pupils learn to analyse, reflect and evaluate the works of famous artists and then transfer this understanding into creations they produce themselves.

Pupils in Key Stage 1 continue their progression to explore line, colour and shape. They experiment further with pattern and texture, master printing as their additional media and develop a deeper understanding of the different styles, techniques and artists.

We strongly believe in the importance of allowing all pupils to explore art and design that reflects history and culture from around the world. Through such opportunities to stimulate their creativity and imagination, we hope that pupils will develop intellectually, emotionally, physically and socially. It is our hope that the children will therefore gain appreciation and enjoyment of visual arts and gain access to cultural richness and diversity.